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Eduardo Texidor Sánchez,

Painter, draftsman, photographer and graphic designer. My work primarily uses perspectives and interpretations that relate to the human figure. The infusion of themes of love, passion and pleasure play a lyrical and dramatic role. The genre of portrait and nude compositions embody the basis of my work and provide a full assemblage of definitive and implicit envisaging; where facial and body expressions

are acutely prominent, embracing 

sensual, sexual, provocative and revealing depictions.


To confront my work is to embark on a journey with an abundance of sensuality and romance. My paintings present the viewer with the complexity and struggle of eroticism that exists between themselves and their own personal approach to intimacy. This exploration idealizes each of these acts, which represent precisely the countenance as if it were to immortalize with precision the feeling of that moment.  As an accumulation, my paintings revere and celebrate the desire to feel love and be loved. 





2023 El Despertar, Pública Espacio, San Juan

2018 The Departure And What You're Leaving Behind

Janssen Artspace Palm Springs, CA

2012 Sign of Impurity, Viota Gallery, San Juan

2012 La habitación del Amante, Coribantes Theatre San Juan, PR 

2008 Chocolatier Masterpieces, Bayamón, PR

2007 Dark Room, Ambassador Theatre, San Juan, PR

2005 Tacto y Placer, Pintadera Art Gallery, San Juan, PR

2004 Despertar Onírico, Pintadera Art Gallery, San Juan, PR

2002 Croma, Fine Arts Center of Guaynabo, PR




2023 Afro queer, Pública Espacio, San Juan

2021 Otras voces, Casa Escuté, Carolina

2011 Sal de Rojo, Punto Fijo, San Juan

2006 ARWI Art & Wine, Convention Center, San Juan

2005 Presencia Boricua, Miami, FL

2005 Merrill Lynch Art Week, Pintadera Art Gallery, San Juan

2004 Pequeño Formato 04, Pintadera Art Gallery, San Juan 

2004 Ocho Veces Arte (an evening in which the arts meet in one place), YPSO Gallery, Guaynabo

2004 Colectiva Verano, Pintadera Art Gallery, San Juan 

2003 Pequeño Formato 03, Pintadera Art Gallery, San Juan






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